Bush media blitz–ick

As if Deal or No Deal wasn’t bad enough TV fare, tonight’s show will feature a contestant—a decorated Iraq war vet—who will be getting a phone call from his boss: President Bush. This is what the American presidency has come to—the prez giving an atta boy to a guy trying to win a million dollars by randomly selecting suitcases of money trotted out by otherwise unemployed models.

If one Bush degrading himself isn’t enough, then tune in on Tuesday morning when First Lady Laura Bush co-hosts the 9 a.m. hour of The Today Show. I wish I were kidding. She’ll be helping out the gals with interviews and segments, while promoting a children’s book she wrote with Jenna. Apparently, she’ll also be giving Ann Curry a tour of the family ranch in Crawford, Texas, highlighting its “green” aspects. A few solar panels and a rain bucket will totally make up for an appalling environmental record. Hide the SUVs!


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