A font frenzy

Are you a fontaphile? If so, there’s a game for you. The Rather Difficult Font Game allows you to test your knowledge of fonts by presenting a word or string of symbols and giving you four fonts to choose from. Just pick the right one, silly. It will make you feel cool (or inadequate) and you might discover some new fonts you never knew existed. Birch, which was new to me, is a typeface of narrow, closely fitted letters not unlike, well, birches. Guess the right one consistently and maybe you should consider becoming a graphic designer.

If your love of typography extends beyond the casual game, you might want to check out the documentary Helvetica. The movie celebrates the 50th anniversary of the typeface by weaving interviews and shots of places or signs prominently using the ubiquitous font, like the NYC subway system. The movie’s in my Netflix queue, but I’m having a hard time wanting to watch a movie about a font because…it’s a movie about a font. Of course, it someone comes out with a documentary on American Typewriter, I’m there. Such a quaint font.


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