Mr. Rogers wants you to wear a sweater

Mr. McFeely, the mailman from Mr. Rogers’s neighborhood, has declared it Wear a Sweater Day to honor what would have been the 80th birthday of sneaker-clad Fred Rogers. Now, I may have found Fred a wee bit creepy, but the man did a lot for children, even if I found his world of make-believe to be lame. The least we can do is honor him by wearing some wool.

Sweaters though, at this time of year, are about as hard to find as bathing suits in July. Since I’ve banished my too-cropped, crew neck, and shapeless sweaters mid-winter, I’ve had nothing to wear of any insulating quality. Do merchants not understand that there’s still plenty of winter left; why must they ignore our need for warmth by unveiling those irresistible spring tops and skirts? New Englanders aren’t ready to break out the tank tops. Well, we’re ready but we’d look ridiculous and be awfully chilly until mid-May. The only time to procure a sweater, apparently, is in the height of summer when you’re sweating excessively and just dying to try on some cashmere.


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