Those chips are foxy

I love a good day trip, especially if it includes exploring food specialty shops where you just might stumble upon a regional specialty. In Maine, you’ve got your abundance of blueberries in roadside stands. But on an exploration of Portland last summer, I stumbled upon a store with a product made from another staple that Maine has mountains of: Aroostook potatoes. The Fox family has turned those potatoes into the best potato chips I’ve ever had, and I’m one finicky customer.

Kettle chips are not for me and the conventional store brands are laden with stuff that is not good for the body (but is, admittedly, delicious). But the Fox Family Potato Chips are my ideal chip: solid construction, good potato taste, the perfect amount of salt, and no trans fats, cholesterol, or preservatives.

The founder still hand cuts each chip. I mean, come on! If that’s not enough, the silver bag features a skulk of red fox faces that are so cute you just want to eat them up.

Chip varieties include plain (my fave), salt and pepper, and BBQ, and available in select areas of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, according to the website. I haven’t been able to find them though, so I just ordered a big ‘ole case and will be waiting by the mailbox for them to arrive. Thankfully, I have a mail slot so I don’t have to wait outside…


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