Sun, you’re hot

I have a crush on the sun. The real sun is bright (and soooo hot!), but that’s not that one I’m in in love with; it’s the deadpan guy wearing the yellow, pointy sun costume in the Jimmy Dean sausage commercials that cracks me up.

The ad features the sun’s human family (mortals without costumes) rushing around the kitchen in the morning, too busy for breakfast. “No time!” the daughter tells him. “Gotta be at school.” His wife is trying to get to work and his son bustles by in a hurry. The sun stops.

“Guys, I have to illuminate the entire Eastern seaboard in 15 minutes. I think we have time.

“In another commercial the sun offers a hot breakfast to a cloud. “No, thanks,” the cloud says. “I only eat cereal.” Why? the sun wants to know. “Cereal is cold and wet,” the cloud explains. “It’s a cloud thing. You wouldn’t understand.”

In a third spot, the sun encounters a half-moon. “I thought you were supposed to be full tonight.”

“Just not feeling it,” the moon says.

The sun fixes him up with a sausage sandwich and in the next shot, we see the moon has rounded out. The sun offers him another bite.

“No, thanks,” the moon says. “I’m full.”

In yet another (maybe I’m obsessed), the sun is enjoying some sausages cooked up by his wife who’s reading the newspaper. “It says here, it’s gonna be partly cloudy today,” she says.

“I don’t think so,” says the sun taking another bite, satisfied. “I think it’s gonna be mostly me.”

I’m still not gonna buy a breakfast that comes in a pouch, but kudos to the advertising agency that came up with this clever concept. It made me like the sun even more.


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