New sins to commit

Nothing against the run-of-the-mill sins we’ve had for centuries, but there are some new sins in town. News from the Vatican today has given us a new complement of modern sins that I wanted to set about committing immediately. But when I read the list, I was crestfallen. The addenda, the so-called “social” sins, appear good. Apparently, even the pope is joining the green movement, because pollution has made it to the list of sins brought about by “the phenomenon of globalization,” according to Monsignor Gianfranco Girotti. Cool.

Other no-nos include drug abuse, genetic experiments, and violations of the basic rights of human nature and bioethics. Sounds good, right? But wait, when Bloomberg News puts it into perspective, genetic experiments really means: forget stem cell research, and bioethical violations means, gasp, using birth control. Maybe it’s me, but does the pope still not understand that without birth control, there will be about 10 billion more people running around committing both the old and new sins?

Contributing to the ever-widening divide between the rich and poor, however, is one sin that makes sense to institute. Condemnation is good, though I’m not sure how one would commit this sin in everyday life. Thou shalt not be a greedy CEO?

Conspicuously absent from the list: Thou shalt not fondle little boys.



3 thoughts on “New sins to commit

  1. Thou shalt spell words correctly while texting.
    Thou shalt avoid emotocons whenever possible.
    Thou shalt not approach a stranger on the street and ask for directions if he or she is wearing an ipod.

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