You look tired

Twice this month I’ve had men tell me I look tired. How can they think this is in any way a useful comment? I’m beginning to think I have droopy eyelids because at neither of these times was I even remotely tired. Here’s a tip, guys. Don’t tell a woman she looks tired, ever. Maybe you think it demonstrates concern; actually, it makes you sound clueless. If I’m tired, I probably know it. And not once have I thought upon hearing this, “Hey, you’re right; I need more sleep!” When I’m not tired, then I’m just outright offended because what you’re really saying is I look bad. See how that’s negative either way? Of course, maybe, just maybe, I was perky until you came along and bored me with your tired self.


3 thoughts on “You look tired

  1. J–I hate being told that I looked tired too (and believe you me, it happens much more frequently as the years go rolling by) but did’t you just get back from a big trip? Just a thought! Great to read about your adventures!

  2. That’s almost as bad as when people tell me to smile! I mean, really, I do not need to be told to smile! I’ll smile when I want to, damn it! I realize I don’t have one of those faces that allows me to look as though I’m in a perpetual moment of euphoria and love for the world, so I get it. I’m really not an angry person…that’s just how my face goes…I’ve grown to love it! Oh, and did I mention how I hate small talk?

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