Driving tips for Spain

If you find yourself cruising the back roads of a sleepy Spanish town and your car breaks down, well, that sucks. But hey, you’re in Spain! All crises seem more manageable when in a warm climate with plentiful olives and a Mediterranean coast. Be warned, though, Spanish driving laws state that you must don a reflective vest if you exit your vehicle on the highway or dark road. Rental cars usually come with the attractive safety gear. You can bet that if we passed that law here, Prada would be rolling out hipster vests for the SUV crowd.

Also, if you wear glasses, you’d better have a spare pair in the car, which 1) is the law, and 2) is totally humiliating if the last frames you bought were in 1988.

These obscure tips are brought to you courtesy of Budget Travel, a great magazine for, duh, budget travelers.


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