Mozzarella goodness

Because my basil plant is unstoppable, I’m spoiled by batches of homemade pesto that I pair with thick slices of mozzarella in delicious pressed sandwiches…like every weekend since the fall. You just can’t tire of that combination. Tomatoes are a nice touch but the real joy is in discovering the occasional intact pine nut that gives the sandwich a surprise crunch.

mozzarella pesto

2 thoughts on “Mozzarella goodness

  1. mmmmmmmm damn you!!!!!!!!! Somehow our toaster broke so I don’t even have that to fall back on. Well. I’m not even sure our toaster is *technically* out of commission, it’s just that no one has used it in months and I’m afraid of all the floaty dirt and cat hair that’s probably collected at the bottom of the tray. Gross. [thinks] I just realized that these sandwiches have nothing to do with toasters. Ah well, the rant stands.

    Happy Sunday!

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