Just give me the pants

I’m a 35-year-old woman who bought a pair of pants at Delia’s. There. I said it. If you’re unfamiliar with Delia’s, think tween paradise: you’re 13 and trendy and have only babysitting money to spend. You go to Delia’s to score some leggings and graphic tees.

After looking everywhere for a navy pair of corduroys, the teenybopper store delivered. Not literally though; I spotted them in the window and had to actually walk into the store to claim them—all this without irony or a girl to pass off as my daughter. My cords are sweet (is that too 2007?) and worth any strange looks that might have trailed me to the dressing room. Whatever.

“Is that everything?” the clerk at the register wanted to know, as if I might want to take advantage of the sale on glitter gloss. She asked if I’d like some sort of Delia’s card to which I exclaimed, “God, no!” before grabbing my bag. I won’t be back. Unless next month’s display features a plum v-neck sweater that I’ve been looking everywhere for…


One thought on “Just give me the pants

  1. I notice you didn’t actually say no to that sale on glitter gloss…hmm…well, I guess I understand. I mean, lip gloss that also has glitter in it? That’s like, two for the price of one! Who could pass that up?

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