High tide: 2 p.m.

My favorite radio station, WMVY, broadcasts from the island of Martha’s Vineyard and I listen to it streaming live on my own little island—a cubicle in Boston. The music is folksy and cool (RayLaMontagne, Lyle Lovett, Martin Sexton), but it’s when they break for the news that I’m all ears. There are the usual encapsulated headline stories, but they’re followed by ferry schedules and tide reports—typical fare to islanders, but tidbits that transport me to summer in the Cape, if only for a moment. A booming steamship blast signals the noon hour and in moments you’ll know if the seas are choppy or if there’s a standby line for vehicles on the ferry. The sound of a buoy clanging is beautiful music.

In the winter, the ferry info calls to mind a quiet, tourist-free island; in the summer the beach report is painful if I’m at my desk but exhilarating if I’m heading to the beach, finally close enough to tune the station in on the car radio for real.


4 thoughts on “High tide: 2 p.m.

  1. Oh swoon. [pause] Yeah, I said it. Winter does strange things to people — just the thought of being out on boats and eating ice creams (I’m thinking of the summer broadcast) makes me want to cry a little.

  2. Sigh. This is lovely. I appreciate it not only as an integral member of your beach envoy, but as someone sitting in her office watching the falling snow. How long until the first beach day?????

  3. Wow – so excited to check out this radio station! I’m a big fan of WERS (daytime) and have found about 20 new bands/songwriters that I normally wouldn’t have, as I’ve never been a big fan of radio. But ever since we canceled our Sirius satellite radio (ohhhh the 80’s channel) I have been all over my fave alterna-station. But now I have CHOICES! I want to be transported via radio to some beachy goodness!

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