Oh, those silly strokes

Strokes don’t strike me as funny, but a new campaign for stroke awareness features a commercial that had me falling off the chair. In an attempt to illustrate the warning signs of stroke, this misguided commercial uses animated characters exhibiting slurred speech and paralysis while another animated fellow underscores the importance of responding to these symptoms quickly by exclaiming, “Every second brain cells die!” A little too animated if you ask me.


2 thoughts on “Oh, those silly strokes

  1. Hilarious! I know what you mean. Feels wrong to laugh at something like that…yet somehow it feels right, too.

    Reminds me of the 3 elderly women sitting in the park who are approached by a flasher. When he opens his trench coat, the first woman has a stroke…the second woman has a stroke…the third woman’s arms don’t reach. 🙂

    Enjoying your blog.

    Peace & Passion,

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