Jane Austen meets Match.com

Oh, this is good. In conjunction with the Jane Austen series airing on PBS, which is sustaining me through the winter, the station offers a delightful web extra—a page called “The Men of Austen” in which you can read the fictitious online dating profiles of say, Fitzwilliam Darcy or George Knightley and find out who your ideal suitor might be. Mr. Darcy, for instance, enjoys letter writing and spending time with his sister but does not care much for dancing. Mr. Knightley loves strawberries and answers the question of income with “I am quite secure, thank you.” The bad seeds are equally represented, and just like their modern-day counterparts, are careful to couch their flaws in language that makes them sound almost viable.

For a refreshing crop of single men with manners, check it out here.


4 thoughts on “Jane Austen meets Match.com

  1. Kim, indeed the Mr. Darcys are scant on Match. In my experience though, there are plenty of Mr. Collinses…

    lisamm, I haven’t read that (I was put off initially by the movie preview), but I bet the book is worth a shot. I’ll surf on over to read your review when it’s up.

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