You put what in the cake?

Watching football games requires a lot of food–party food like chips, burgers, and football-shaped cakes; this is not the time to break out the tofu and veggie platter. When I heard my cheffy friend was making ribs for the first post-season Patriots game, I knew my snack contribution would languish in the corner. As with most of my friend’s recipes, the one for the ribs involved several complicated steps that one never questions because the results are always worth the 15 hours of labor expended. The ribs were marinated, rubbed, grilled, re-rubbed, and lovingly tented in foil until they were revealed in all their rib glory and promptly devoured.

No one can compete with that, so I used the gathering as an opportunity to try one of the numerous recipes I’ve clipped over the years, curious to see if the Coca-Cola Cake would be as gross as it sounds. Who better to experiment on than people who had just gorged on meaty goodness?

Turns out the cake, with its 1950s nostalgic feel, was delicious. People actually ate it. We played Guess the Secret Ingredient and after some good guesses of hot chocolate and pudding, the secret ingredient (a cup of soda in the cake and 1/4 cup in the icing) was revealed. Healthy? No. Interesting? Yes.

Here’s a link to a photo and the recipe I originally found in Coastal Living magazine. In the recipe, there’s another link to the icing. Mmmmm….


5 thoughts on “You put what in the cake?

  1. Sounds good. Is this on the menu for the Super Bowl? And what else? I do my grocery shopping on the weekends. I wonder what will be left on the shelves and in the deli case by the time I get there on Sunday. We may have to do carrot sticks and a fruit platter. That should be a hit with the men and boys.

  2. It’s perfect for the Super Bowl! Alas, I’m not on dessert duty this week; instead, I’ll be taking advantage of another grilling opportunity even though it’s winter in New England and cooking up some sausages!

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