I would like to be with “Jamie at Home”

British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is adorable. He could base his show on that fact alone. Lucky for us he’s also a talented chef whose new show, “Jamie at Home” on the Food Network features him cooking with simple, homegrown ingredients straight from his garden. Fruits and vegetables show off their best sides for the camera, and in the episode I saw, were transformed into gorgeous fruit tarts, an apple pie, and a beef, Guinness, and veggie medley baked in a fluffy puff pastry.

The show could use a quick intro (it opened with Jamie immediately getting to work with the highlighted ingredient), and the measurements are given in the mysterious metric system that we were all supposed to learn by now (300 grams of butter? A conversion chart is a nice touch to the website), but Jamie’s an engaging fellow who cares about the ingredients and overall there’s a folksiness about it that’s appealing. Also, the designer did a fine job with the graphics that are shown in between recipes that look like a hand drawn food journal.

And with recipes with names like Minty Mushy Peas and My Mum’s Spottier Dick, who could resist?

It airs Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. in the East. Here’s a link to the site


One thought on “I would like to be with “Jamie at Home”

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