Meeting Viggo

Last week I met Viggo Mortensen after a taping of “The People Speak,” a documentary adapted from the Howard Zinn book that brought a little Hollywood to Boston. Well, OK, I didn’t so much meet him as stand at the meager ropeline (of a dozen people), speechless, as my co-worker had Viggo sign Zinn’s book seeming able to converse with him like he wasn’t a superstar. I tried thinking of something genuine to say because I think he’s a great actor, but what was I gonna say, “Hey, I loved you in Eastern Promises, especially the uh…violent, nude sauna scene.” See? That would’ve been lame. I’m happy to report that he’s not at all like the menacing characters he plays but a sweet, softspoken man now sporting a scruffy beard that I would like to be scratched by.

Other celebs in the project that I was too star-struck to approach: Josh Brolin, who’s having a very good film year and David Strathairn who was spotted in the food court (the food court!) around the corner from the theater. At least I restrained myself from yelling, “Good night and good luck!” Bet he hasn’t heard that one before.


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